Making Music Together



Ages 6-8

‚ÄčOur KinderWind Classes are a pre-band class, designed to get your child interested in woodwind playing and give them a step-up on Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone! We use the innovative Nuvo student instruments that are much more manageable and durable for little hands. These instruments are a perfect tool to help us encourage your child's love of music while still focusing on proper woodwind techniques and music reading skills. Taught in a group setting, this class focuses on the fun of making music together as a community. The semester culminates in a recital where your child will perform with the entire KinderWind Band!


Ages 8+

Our Beginner Woodwind Classes are the perfect way to get going on the Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone the right way! Since all classes are taught by professional on YOUR instrument, you are guaranteed to get started off with all the proper techniques. Our class will exceed the level usually accomplished in an entire year of school band  and will focus exclusively on woodwind instruments (rather than the mixed instrument classes taught in schools.) Our primary goal is to instill a lifelong love of music while ensuring no bad technical habits form that can sometimes take years to break. The semester culminates in a recital with the full Beginning Woodwind Band!

9 Sand Park Road, Unit 3
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009